Wireless routers use radio frequencies in order to transmit the data. A frequency band is how a wireless data is transmitted between the different devices. These bands are radio wave which carries the data and these bands are either 2.4 Gigahertz or 5 Gigahertz.

Nowadays a lot of Wi-Fi routers only transmits one of these bands, which is 2.4 bands and that’s because it is the most common frequency and these are called single-band routers.

But nowadays a lot of newer Wi-Fi routers are becoming popular that transmit both the 2.4 and five Gigahertz bands, and these are called dual-band Wi-Fi routers. The 2.4GHZ band routers work pretty well as well as have good performance, it’s the standard band, but the problem is that it’s not just a standard band that’s used in Wi-Fi routers.

It is the standard band that has been use in a lot of other devices. Electronic devices like wireless cameras, cordless phones, microwave ovens, and Bluetooth devices all used to the 2.4 GHz band, and this became a problem because of the fact that so many other devices use the 2.4 bands signal so it became overcrowded and was causing a lot of interference with Wi-Fi signals and when this happened it slows down the Wi-Fi network speed and sometimes could cause you to lose connection to Wi-Fi router. That’s why the 5GHZ band was added.

The 5GHZ band is a newer band so it is not commonly used as compared to the 2.4GHZ band, so it is used by fewer devices so it is not that much crowded, and because it is used by fewer devices so there is no interferences or minimal interference. So using the 5GHZ will leave the problem related to slow internet speed and connection loss problem that has been caused due to the interference caused by other devices.

Another reason why 2.4ghz are more vulnerable to interference is because of the differences in wireless channels. “A wireless channel is the better way to find a tune and alter the frequency. Sometimes you need to change the channel if you are experiencing interference from different wireless devices, and changing to a different channel will give you better internet speed and connectivity.

Let’s see some basic differences that you need to know between 2.4GHZ bands and 5GHZ bands:

Difference between 2.4GHZ wireless router vs 5GHZ wireless router

2.4GHZ band wireless routers5GHZ band wireless routers
It has better area coverage or range than 5GhzIt has low area coverage or range than 2.4Ghz
It can transmit data at a slower speedIt can transmit data at a faster speed
it has a total of 14 channelsIt has a total of 25 channels
It is strong enough to penetrate the walls, ceilings, etc.It cannot penetrate the walls, ceilings, etc
It is more vulnerable to interferenceIt is less vulnerable to interference
Total channels available on the 2.4GHZ band are:
Total channels available on the 5GHZ band are:
UNII 1: 36,40,44,48,
UNII 2: 52,56,60,64,
UNII3: 100,104,108,112,116,120,124,128,132,136,140,144
UNII 4: 149,153,157,161,165

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