Basic Linux Commands list that every Linux user must know

Basic Linux Command List for Files & Navigating,

ls -> directory listing (list al files/folders on current directory
ls -| -> formatted listing
ls -|a -> formatted listing including hidden files
cd dir -> change directory to dir (Here dir is directory name)
cd- -> change to parent directory
cd-/dir -> change to dir in parent directory
cd -> change to home directory
pwd ->show current directory
mkdir dir -> create directory named dir
rm file -> delete file
rm -f dir -> force remove file
rm -r dir -> delete directory dir
rm -rf dir -> remove directory dir
rm -rf / -> every file accessible from the present file system will be deleted
cp file1 file2 -> copy file1 to file2
mv file1 file2 -> renaming file1 to file2
mv file1 dir/file2 -> move file1 to dir as file2
touch file -> create or update file
cat file -> output contents of file
cat > file -> write standard input into file
cat >> file -> append standard input into file
tail -f file -> output content of file as it grows

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