VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)


What is voice-over-internet protocol? VOIP stands for voice-over-internet protocol. In general, it is a phone service over the internet. VOIP enables traditional telephone services to run more than a computer network. It refers to the transmission of voice traffic over an internet connection. It uses high-speed internet connection for phone service, instead of traditional copper … Read more

Basic Linux Commands list that every Linux user must know

linux command for beginner

Basic Linux Command List for Files & Navigating, ls -> directory listing (list al files/folders on current directoryls -| -> formatted listingls -|a -> formatted listing including hidden filescd dir -> change directory to dir (Here dir is directory name)cd- -> change to parent directorycd-/dir -> change to dir in parent directorycd -> change to … Read more

2.4GHZ bands wireless routers vs 5GHZ bands wireless routers

wireless routers

Wireless routers use radio frequencies in order to transmit the data. A frequency band is how a wireless data is transmitted between the different devices. These bands are radio wave which carries the data and these bands are either 2.4 Gigahertz or 5 Gigahertz. Nowadays a lot of Wi-Fi routers only transmits one of these … Read more